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Lawn Turf

4 Grades of Quality Lawn Turf

The Lawn Turf Centre provides 4 different grades of top quality lawn turf to suit all applications and budgets. Our turf is stored in containers within a controlled environment. This is to ensure optimum quality prior to delivery and laying.

  • Budget Turf – ideal for budget lawns, Industrial Landscaping and Housing Estates.
  • Back Garden – hard wearing – Ideal for sports fields and play areas.
  • Front Lawn – ideal for where a quality finish is required.
  • Bowling Green – a top quality prestigious turf ideal for bowling greens and golf greens.

Laying Your Own Lawn Turf ?

If you are laying your own lawn, the turf delivered should be laid on the same day. This is to ensure there is no deterioration caused by environmental conditions such as drying out. The edges are especially susceptible. It is not only good practice but it is essential to prepare the ground in advance.

Water within half an hour of laying. Apply as much water as required to make the ground below the turf moist for up to 4 inches. The equivalent to about an inch of rain will be required to achieve this.

Lawn Turf After Care

It is essential that newly laid turf is not allowed to dry out and the ground below the turf is kept moist. Water regularly until it has established fully which will be in approximately 4 -5 weeks.

Where possible avoid walking on newly laid turf until it has established.

Lawn Turf is sold by the square metre and is delivered within 24 – 48 hrs of ordering.

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